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Feature Showcase: Lightning UI – Our take….


Lightning is Salesforce’s newest user experience.  When we tried Lightning about nine months ago, we found many basic functions not working well: navigation, in-line editing, buttons, etc.   We switched back to classic view. Since then, Salesforce has addressed many of our initial concerns.  Tamarack has moved to Lightning for most of our new implementations.   The new user experience is better overall so we do recommend it.  However, a couple of things that are still a little annoying:

  1. 1. Performance – The loading of the list views is slower than classic view.
  2. 2. Setup features – Our developers are switching back to classic view when they need to do a lot of field updates or creations.  The same goes for the page layouts.
  3. 3. Apps – Some Apps don’t work that well.  E.g., even this App (ConstantContact) had issues uploading contacts using the Lightning UI.

The nice thing is end users can seamlessly switch between Classic & Lightning views very easily as a work around.  To learn more, check it out on the Trailhead.