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5 Minute Funding on Salesforce

Posted February 5th, 2018 by in Salesforce Best Practices

Creating an end-to-end origination process that generates an impressive partner/end user experience, while also producing significant efficiencies in your organization, is possible with Salesforce.

To achieve this, we have configured the environment within Salesforce to:

•  Allow the partner or borrower to input their credit application, including uploading required supporting documentation

•  Automatically pull consumer and business bureaus

•  Complete a custom scorecard

•  Auto decision the deal based on credit and application details

•  Select the appropriate document package

•  Auto generate the document package and distribute via e-signature

•  Self service capabilities to allow the vendor/dealer/lessee to close out pre-funding documents or information requirements

•  Automatically file UCCs

•  Book the deal


This was accomplished using a combination of:

•  Online Quoting and Applications Entry via Salesforce Guest Communities

•  Customer Self Service Portal via Salesforce Sites

•  Tamarack & 3rd Party Apps

•  E-Signature

The great news is this can all be executed with your existing Sales Cloud license.

While this may not be realistic for all organizations, based on the equipment and lease/loan nuances, it could be the perfect fit for others. Challenge your team to identify where humans “add-value” and automate everything else. Consider which specific processes are “in peoples’ heads,” document those processes and then automate them. This will create a more consistent procedure and improve user experience for both your partners and the end customer.

Are you interested in learning more and seeing how this works? We have a YouTube demo we would be more than happy to send you. Please send us an email to

Year in Review

Posted January 3rd, 2018 by in App Review, News, Salesforce Apps, Salesforce Best Practices

Happy New Year! This month, we reflect back on 2017 and recap previous articles for those who might have missed them.

Salesforce Lending Apps & Best Practices

Online Applications
Bank Statement Imports
Risk Rating & Scorecards
Approval Processes
Document Checklists
Portfolio Sales

Salesforce Infrastructure Best Practices

Lightning UI
Files vs. Notes & Attachments
Document Storage & Retrieval
Automated Communication
Backup & Recovery

2017 Highlights

Tamarack’s Lease & Loan originator is listed with a number of other great leasing and lending applications in this year’s ELFA 2017 Software Guide. This is an invaluable tool for companies looking to make major technology investments.

Mintaka Financial won the 2017 ELFA Operations & Technology Excellence award. They were able to leverage the Tamarack Salesforce Lease & Loan Accelerator to build a fully integrated solution with the broker affiliates.


Posted December 1st, 2017 by in Salesforce Apps

Much of the same functionality you find beneficial in your Customer Relationship Management system can also be used to streamline collection activities. Our clients often find that managing collections in Salesforce provides them with the essential tools they need to get the job done, all in one place. Specifically, using Salesforce will allow you to:

•  Utilize standard email templates to follow-up with delinquent borrowers.

•  Establish a variety of work queues using native Salesforce list views. E.g., have queues and assignments based on number of days past due, location and past due amount.

•  Setup tasks for follow-up and assign those tasks to team members.

•  Maintain all customer notes in one place allowing credit, collections, sales and customer service full visibility to the account history.

•  Utilize the Salesforce workflow tools to standardize the process for collection management. I.e., structure stages and events to occur automatically.

There are numerous collections enhancement/apps available, however we specifically suggest the following to make your life a bit easier:

•  Integrate “texting” into your solution. See our October blog post to learn more about available options.

•  Integrate with a Payment processor. Again, there are a number of options on the AppExchange. Tamarack has successfully worked with Lenders to build integrations to their Servicing system for processing ACH payments.

•  Integrating with your Core or Loan/Lease accounting system is crucial. The ability to view payment and invoice history within Salesforce enables your collectors to be more efficient.

The Tamarack Loan/Lease Accelerator has a collections module built into the solution. If you would like to see how collections can be completed within Salesforce, please let us know.