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App Review: Scorecard Apps

Blog_AppReview Scorecard Apps

A credit scorecard is an effective way to create objective measures of your applications. There are a variety of applications that can be used to create a scorecard. You can create a native scorecard using native Salesforce tools such as Process Builder. If you’re in need of a more robust scoring model, one that uses historical portfolio performance to return a score, there are a few options that should be considered:

•Orion’s SAIPH score which has a native app to
•Tamarack’s native PayNet for Salesforce app if you only need to pull PayNet reports.
•Tamarack also has a very simple “App” that allows you to pull attributes from anywhere on the Deal, Borrower, or PG and include those attributes in the Scorecard. It’s 100% configurable in terms of the values and weights that are applied.