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App Review: Document Storage & Retrieval

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Storing borrower documents is a challenge for many of our lender partners. Historically, lenders would have a file server and create their own folder hierarchy to store their documents on that server. While this allows for easy access and organization, it also presents the lender with obstacles they must overcome. Utilizing this type of storage process requires users to login to yet another system, can lack necessary security requirements, and is typically inconsistent at best.

Increasingly, lenders want/need a document storage system integrated with Salesforce. By assimilating storage needs within Salesforce, users are able to create a one-stop-shop for their needs. This allows for more consistent security applications. Additionally, taking advantage of a storage system that is integrated with Salesforce also provides backups, version history, and mobile access. These tools can be utilized by users who do not have Salesforce licenses, making them widely accessible.

We provide several Salesforce capable storage solutions for our clients including, Dropbox for Business and SpringCM. While the majority of our implementations will use, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when evaluating each of these options for our clients: is a free app that requires a business account with a minimum of 3 subscriptions.

Dropbox for Business offers more substantial synchronization features that some of our clients prefer over the offerings.

SpringCM is a more robust solution that adds workflow capabilities to the document process outside of what is offered through Salesforce.

Additionally, there are many other exchange apps that will also store documents in SharePoint, Google Drive, and others.